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There’s never been an easier way to scrap your car for cash in Otley

When most people think “I need to scrap my car in Otley” the first thing they probably think of is how blooming long that’s going to take. After all, it can take a while to find the best price, and a lot of evenings and weekends hunting around comparison websites.

Well, not any more! Here at Scrap Car Network our mission is to save you all that fuss and hassle. We get you the best prices in Otley with the bare minimum of effort and paperwork on your part, and best of all, you’ll be helping out some amazing charitable causes too!

Why use us?

When it comes to car scrapping we offer the best prices
We ensure that your car is either reused or recycled
We provide FREE collection of scrap cars
We process and provide official paperwork for you

How can Scrap Car Network help me get the best price in Otley?

Easy. It’s got a lot to do with our status as one of the biggest networks of scrap car dealers in the whole of the UK. That means no matter where you live in Otley, we’re sure to know a trusted Authorised Treatment Facility who’s right nearby. We always take distances into account when connecting you to our partners, as shorter distances are part of how we get you the best prices, with no underhanded charges or hidden costs involved.

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You’re helping out amazing causes when you scrap your car with us

That’s down to our unique relationship with Recycling Lives, an acclaimed UK organisation which has won multiple awards in recognition of its work in helping vulnerable people in the UK get into stable housing and permanent employment. We’re proud to help with this mission wherever we can: Scrap Car Network supports the Recycling Lives charity by training and employing ex-offenders and formerly homeless people, as well as supporting and sustaining charity through donations of time and resources.

We take an even more direct hand in environmental matters - every car we process is carefully inspected for anything that can still be of any practical or financial value, which is then stripped from it so that it can be put to good use elsewhere. Right now, we recycle at least 95% of every car we process, but we’re working on getting this figure up to 100%, eliminating waste entirely!

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Key Stats

5000 cars de-polluted this month
Over 20 car transports on the road

Get an online valuation of your car in as little as 10 seconds

That’s seriously all it takes - all you have to do is enter your car reg and postcode into the fields above to get an instant online valuation of your car. At the next stage, we’ll check when’s the best time for us to carry out our trademark hassle-free collection of your car. Once it’s loaded up and ready to go, we’ll finalise payment upon collection, and you’ll have the cash for your car right there in your bank account, in a couple of days max. Fast, easy and simple - that’s how we like to do things here at Scrap Car Network!

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Scrap Car Network will give you an instant cash price for your car. Simply enter your car registration number, your post code and click "Get quote" for an instant price that will have you saying "Scrap My Car!".

We work with hundreds of scrap yards and dealers throughout the UK, enabling our car scrapping service to run nationwide, and offer you the best price for scrapping your car.

So, if you're thinking It's time to say "scrap my car" - then look no further. Get your online quote now and join the hundreds who trust us as the number 1 company for scrapping their car.