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Scrapping your car for cash couldn't be easier with Scrap Car Network Gateshead

With the introduction of Scrap Car Network in Gateshead, scrapping your old vehicle is now easier than it ever has been. The moment you ask for a quote from us, you have access to the best, more reputable scrap car dealers offering the best cash for car prices in the Gateshead area. Not only does this offer you the most cash for your car – it also guarantees a top-quality level of customer service that will make the whole process flow smoothly.

We don’t stop at getting you the best price for your car, either. By choosing us, you’re also contributing to some fantastic social initiatives. Scrap Car Network supports the Recycling Lives charity by training and employing ex-offenders and formerly homeless people, as well as supporting and sustaining charity through donations of time and resources.

Why use us?

When it comes to car scrapping we offer the best prices
We ensure that your car is either reused or recycled
We provide FREE collection of scrap cars
We process and provide official paperwork for you

Best price for scrapping your car plus free collection in Gateshead

If you are looking to scrap your car in the Gateshead area, the Scrap Car Network can make it as painless as possible with our free car collection service. We work hard scrapping your car in the best way for the environment. We have forty years of experience in the car recycling industry, so we’re keenly aware of the effects of our industry on the wider environment. As such, we value the opportunity to offer something constructive to the communities in which we operate, whether that means re-purposing or recycling the vehicles that come our way.

At the moment, we guarantee a 95% car recycling rate on every scrap car we process, but our ultimate mission is to get that up to 100%, eliminating waste from landfill entirely. As you might expect, it’s not an easy process, but with your help we’re making steady progress!

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Key Stats

5000 cars de-polluted this month
Over 20 car transports on the road

Get an instant online valuation of your car in as little as 10 seconds

Seriously - that’s all it takes. Once you’ve entered your car reg and postcode into the fields on our site, it takes no more than a few seconds before you get your very own free, no obligation quote. As soon as you’ve got that to hand, we’ll be in touch to arrange collection with one of our trusted partners. We’ll then finalise payment - by bank transfer, naturally! Since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act was passed all the way back in 2013, it’s been illegal for us to give you literal cash for your scrap car.

So, no need to worry about wasting valuable evenings or weekends in front of the computer - instead, you just can relax and consider all the ways you are going to spend your extra cash. Get a price for your scrap car today!

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Get an instant scrap car quote

Scrap Car Network will give you an instant cash price for your car. Simply enter your car registration number, your post code and click "Get quote" for an instant price that will have you saying "Scrap My Car!".

We work with hundreds of scrap yards and dealers throughout the UK, enabling our car scrapping service to run nationwide, and offer you the best price for scrapping your car.

So, if you're thinking It's time to say "scrap my car" - then look no further. Get your online quote now and join the hundreds who trust us as the number 1 company for scrapping their car.