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The best price and top-notch service when scrapping your car in Darlington

When your beloved car finally carks it, you may find yourself with a few queries bouncing round your head. Not least of which is “how can I get the very best price when I scrap my car?” Usually, that involves filling out the same form over and over and over again, with no concrete guarantee of a reward at the end of it.

At Scrap Car Network, we’re all too aware that repetition can be boring. And because repetition can be boring, we aim to help you avoid any boring repetition by helping you get the very best value when you scrap your car with us. The only alternative is getting bored of all the repetition.

OK, we’ll stop now.

Why use us?

When it comes to car scrapping we offer the best prices
We ensure that your car is either reused or recycled
We provide FREE collection of scrap cars
We process and provide official paperwork for you

I need to scrap my car for cash in Darlington, where can I get the best deal?

Well, right here of course! We’ve been building up our unique position in the scrap car industry for over 40 years, and today we have an extensive network of scrap car dealers all across Britain. In fact, our network is one of the biggest of its kind. So what does this mean for you? Well, it means that wherever you live in Darlington, we can help you find a local breaker that’s right on your doorstep, without the need for trekking across hillsides and mountaintops. (We know there are no mountaintops in Darlington, but you get the point.

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The definitive no-hassle solution for car scrapping and vehicle recycling – but also, doing some good along the way

We are partnered with the charitable organisation Recycling Lives, and we help support the Recycling Lives charity by training and employing ex-offenders and formerly homeless people, as well as supporting and sustaining charity through donations of time, resource and money.

And we do! For every car we process, we take a percentage of the profits and fire it straight across to Recycling Lives, so they can continue to do their best work without worrying about financial support. As for ourselves, we’re even more directly engaged in the greener side of things. Each of our incoming scrap cars is checked them thoroughly to make sure that there are no working parts that get tossed onto the landfill. Any parts we do find that can be of use are salvaged and reused, resold or repurposed entirely. By doing this, we minimise the amount of unnecessary waste that goes on the scrap heap, giving a little breathing space to our economy – and Mother Nature, too!

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Key Stats

5000 cars de-polluted this month
Over 20 car transports on the road

Live in Darlington? Here’s how to easily get cash for your car

It couldn’t be simpler – just enter your car reg and postcode onto our website, and within seconds you’ll be looking at an instant scrap car quote. Next, we’ll have a quick tête-à-tête with you about when’s best for us to collect your vehicle. Once we’re behind the wheel (not all of us, obviously), we’ll finalise payment and then that’s all done and dusted! We’ll get your rustbucket back to the scrap car dealer and you can hum that Abba hit to yourself as you count your extra cash. (Not Waterloo, the other one.)

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Get an instant scrap car quote

Scrap Car Network will give you an instant cash price for your car. Simply enter your car registration number, your post code and click "Get quote" for an instant price that will have you saying "Scrap My Car!".

We work with hundreds of scrap yards and dealers throughout the UK, enabling our car scrapping service to run nationwide, and offer you the best price for scrapping your car.

So, if you're thinking It's time to say "scrap my car" - then look no further. Get your online quote now and join the hundreds who trust us as the number 1 company for scrapping their car.