4 Easy Things To Do Before Saying Scrap My Car!

4 Easy Things To Do Before Saying Scrap My Car!

14th Oct, 2016

Here at Scrap Car Network, we make car scrapping as simple as possible: enter a few details and you’re all done. But, there are a few things to do before we get to you – in this blog post, we’re sharing the 4 things you need to do before you say Scrap My Car!

1.   Remove your personal belongings

remove cd's from car stereo

The last thing you want is to have our car scrapping guys on the driveway while you hunt for that Boyzone CD you keep hidden in the back of your car.

Check under your mats, in the door pockets, above visors, in the glove box and anywhere else you can think of before our collection team arrives. If your car has a CD player, remove your CD – Boyzone or otherwise – from it.

Aside from the issue of not losing items you’d prefer to keep, there’s another important thing to consider when removing items from your scrap car, and that’s personal data security. Cards, papers and receipts all have a habit of getting left inside vehicles – make sure you hunt them all down so your personal information stays secure.

2.   Use up your petrol

petrol guage

While you might see advice telling you to siphon off petrol, that’s not something we recommend. At best, you’re likely to end up with a mouthful of petrol – at the worst, it’s a pretty dangerous business. Auto treatment facilities have purpose-designed fuel retrieval units, so can siphon off petrol and diesel safely.

But, that’s not to say that you need to wave goodbye to your four-wheeled friend with a tankful of petrol still in place – try and remember not to fill your car up again in the week before the car scrapping is due to take place. And, if you do need a top-up, make it a fiver’s worth.

3.   Sort out your paperwork

scrap car paperwork

At Scrap Car Network, we offer our customers the peace of mind that comes from having all the paperwork sorted. Our collection partners will take your log book off your hands and send you an official certificate of destruction, proving your car’s been disposed of properly, so you won’t need to take any further action on that count.

However, it’s worth thinking about how you can get some money back on your scrap car – you can usually get a rebate on unused months of your insurance, and it’s also worth cancelling your road tax via the DVLA – again, you’ll be in line for a partial refund, depending on when you taxed your car.

4.   Remove any bits of the car you want to keep or sell

car registration

If you’re fond of your reg plate, there’s no reason you can’t apply to keep your registration number before you scrap your car. It’ll cost you £80, but it means you can either transfer the number to a new car straight away, or keep it until a point in future when you’d like to use it again.

It’s also worth considering – especially if your old car is a rare or sought-after make or model – removing some parts and selling them to other enthusiasts.

Likewise, new or nearly new car batteries have a good resale value and are relatively straightforward to remove, and new or expensive tyres with plenty of tread left can be swapped for balding tyres and either saved or sold on.

Plus, if you’re handy, electronic items like high quality GPS and sound systems are also worth pulling out. We’ll get enough value from the car itself, so help yourself to the components before we get there!

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